Vans Pool Party 2016


 Van's Pool Party 2016 was held at Vans Combi Bowl at the Block in Orange, CA on May 12 and 13th. A ferocious pro's and master's competition highlighted by an awe-inspiring Legend's demo thrilled and, in many instances, dumbfounded fans. 


Where do I start with this? The obvious place would be to describe Pedro Barros' superhuman performance that locked him in first place among the pro's. Or I could start by describing Lance Mountain's comeback and his mind boggling talent that earned him number one as a legend? Or Darren Navarette's sweet skills that sent him home with the highest honor in the Master's division? How about Bucky Lasek's remarkable performance as a pro against 'men' as young as 13, which nabbed him third place.  Or maybe I should open up with Cory Juneau's smooth-as-icing-on-a-cake style that landed him second in pros? I could write about how the legends demo really underscored the fun of skating and shifted the focus to a skate-for-life mindset rather than a purely competitive mindset. I just don't know. How about if I just post pictures and quit all this yakking? Yeah, sounds good to me too.


Thanks to Vans and World Cup Skateboarding for organizing an awesome event. Thanks Steve Van Doren, Kristy Van Doren, Mario Bonaventura, Don Bostick, Danielle Bostick, Kathy Miranda and all the people behind WCS and the staff at Vans. 





1st  Pedro Barros

2nd Cory Juneau

3rd  Bucky Lasek 



1st  Lance Mountain

2nd  Steve Caballero

3rd Chris Miller



1st  Darren Navarette

2nd  Bruno Passos

3rd Jed Fuller


 Bucky Lasek


 Darren Navarrette - His fault the wheel is clipped in the photo. He went too high.


 Nicky Guererro


 Lance Mountain


 Eddie Elguera


Kiko Francisco


 Bruno Passos


 Darren Navarrette


Pat Black minutes before he broke his ankle. I hope you heal up well!


Jim Gray scores a sexy shirt (a few sizes too big?) from Jeff Grosso. 


 Jed Fuller


 Bruno Passos


 Omar Hassan, Tristan Rennie, Pedro Barros


 Photo bombed by Richard Sanchez


 Vans Pool Party 2016 Champion Pedro Barros

Stevie Caballero


Rick Blackhart knows how we all feel about Lance


 Steve Steadham


Jim Gray making it all about fun 


Tony Magnusson very decked


 Chris Russell


 Steve Alba


Chris Russell



Pedro Barros


 Bucky Lasek



Kiko Francisco



 Christian Hosoi 





 Jim Gray 


 Jordyn Barratt during the girls demo


 Jordyn Barratt


Rodney Rodriguez showing Blackhart some love














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